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ADHD coaching

ADHD Coaching & the Edge Foundation

The Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship by Shire combines tuition funding with ADHD coaching to assist students in meeting the challenges of higher education. Scholarship recipients participate in weekly coaching sessions conducted by phone, video conference, or in person with trained ADHD coaches from the Edge Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers specialized coaching for students with ADHD.

For more information about Edge Foundation coaching and to see videos about coaching and of sample coaching sessions, visit:

What is ADHD coaching and how can it help?

A life coach may help people with the challenges and opportunities life presents. An ADHD coach is a life coach who is specialized in the challenges of ADHD. Edge Foundation coaches work with students with ADHD in seven major areas: scheduling, goal setting, confidence building, organizing, focusing, prioritizing, and persisting at tasks. Coaching can provide structure, support, and accountability and empower students to provide it for themselves.

What services do award recipients receive from this portion of the Scholarship?

An ADHD coach is offered as part of the Scholarship to empower award recipients in managing the challenges of higher education. There are nearly 100 coaches trained by the Edge Foundation located throughout the United States. Each recipient has the opportunity to speak with three ADHD coaches. The recipient can then choose which coach they feel is the best fit for them. After an initial intake session that includes a comprehensive 2-hour interview to gather information about the students, their needs, and their work styles, the recipients are provided weekly coaching sessions, which typically last a half-hour. The recipient can also schedule up to four check-ins per week with their coach. These check-ins last 5 to 10 minutes each and may be conducted by e-mail, text message, phone, or video conference. They are designed to help the recipient stay on track and focus on whatever goals he or she is working on.

How does ADHD coaching differ from tutoring or mentoring?

ADHD coaching is unlike other interventions such as tutoring or mentoring. The coach works with the student to help develop the skills needed to manage ADHD in various aspects of his or her life. The coach does not tell the student what to do, or lead by example. The coach will talk with the student, and together they can identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and understand the challenges faced. Together they can develop a plan, and put it into practice, using techniques or tools that can help the student overcome these challenges.

"Most of my life I have been battling ADHD on my own. College would prove difficult for me, but when I got this scholarship, I felt like I finally had some help."

Jeremy Waldron
Closter, NJ